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Restoration of economic vitality outlined

The city's long-term economic momentum and foundations remain unchanged despite "unprecedented" challenges, Vice Mayor Wu Qing told a press conference on Sunday as the city pledges new efforts to restore confidence and economic vitality.

The city government has released a package of measures to stabilize economic performance, in an effort to get the economy back on its normal track.

Shanghai companies will no longer require a prior permit for business to reopen starting June 1. 

"We will implement national level practice and preferential pro-growth policies to address pressing issues for specific industries," he said. 

For example, in addition to retailers and restaurants that are eligible for subsidies regarding PCR tests and pandemic prevention expenses, district-level authorities are also encouraged to offer subsidies for postal and courier service providers, accommodation, tourism and those in other business segments. 

At least two groups of food companies, retailers, manufacturers of petrochemical raw materials, were given the green light to ensure daily necessities and personal protection equipment supplies since mid April to keep up demands for basic living materials.

Zhou Weihong, deputy general manager of Shanghai-based travel agency Spring Tour, said the policy package responds to some of the most pressing issues for the tourism industry. 

"I believe as new measures to encourage cultural and tourism spending and relevant targeted subsidies are put into effect, it would gradually lift confidence and bring gradual industry recovery," she said. 

Restoration of economic vitality outlined

Wu Jincheng, director of Shanghai Commission of Economy and Informatization, said aside from companies offering daily necessities, relevant authorities shall respond to demands for those located in commercial buildings, industry parks and allow them to resume business operation and ensure employees' daily commuting. 

Shanghai EasyServe, a dedicated portal for local businesses to provide pandemic prevention guidance and relevant policy inquiries, has attracted more than 12,000 registered companies and over 3.7 million visits. 

A total of three groups of major trade and foreign businesses totalling about 1,500 have been resuming operation since April.

Inditex group, the parent company of ZARA, resumed the cargo charter business from the main warehouse in Europe to Shanghai Pudong Airport in early May. 

The disinfection of all imported cargo and the nucleic acid tests are completed as soon they arrive to make sure they are eligible for domestic distribution, thanks to the support of China Eastern Airlines Cargo Terminal of Pudong Airport and the Air Transportation Department of COSCO. 

Its warehouse in Huaqiao in neighbouring Kunshan city, the largest and most important logistics center in the Asian market, has fully resumed operations. Cargo volume has returned to about 70 percent of pre-lockdown levels. 

Its warehouse in Songjiang District, which is responsible for the storage and distribution of ZARA online orders, has resumed operation under the guidance and support of the government.

For export business to Japan and South Korea, it also works closely with COSCO to mitigate the impact of insufficient shipping capacity.

Restoration of economic vitality outlined
Ti Gong

Delivery orders are gradually picking up at major online platforms. 

Retailers in the city's prevention areas have also been fulfilling online orders after lockdown restrictions are gradually lifted. 

A total of 22 Tim Hortons coffee shops in Shanghai have resumed operation with 11 offering community group buying services. They have served nearly 2,200 community compounds since mid April. 

Coffee and bakery takeaway orders can be made from Ele.me, Meituan and its own official WeChat mini program. 

More than 2000 restaurants, dessert and beverage stores are now open for delivery orders on Meituan.

As of Friday, the number of snacks and beverage takeaway stores on Meituan more than doubled from a week ago. 

Restaurants at the Taikoo Li Qiantan shopping mall resumed food takeaway service since mid April throug Ele.me, and the average number of orders has been climbing steadily. 



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