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Sterilization and purification of tap water

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1. The working principle of ultrafiltration membrane

Ultrafiltration can effectively remove viruses, organic compounds, macromolecules and bacteria in water, and can be left to the beneficial minerals of the human body. Therefore, ultrafiltration membrane technology is used by the waterworks method.
2. Characteristics of ultrafiltration membrane technology in Waterworks
The traditional water treatment methods have no ultrafiltration membrane technology water treatment methods, the main advantages of the following several points: first, the removal of water in the particulate matter in ninety-nine percent, water turbidity less than zero point one TU, to ensure the quality of water. Second, the microorganisms in the water have high safety. The use of ultrafiltration membrane technology can completely eliminate the virus and bacteria in the water, and the safety of drinking water is completely in line with the national standard. At the same time, the safety of the water is ensured and the disinfection by-products of the water quality have been greatly reduced. Third, for aluminum, iron and other colloids, the removal probability is above ninety-five percent. Fourth, the main drive of ultrafiltration membrane technology is pressure, so its separation device is easy to operate and simple, thus reducing maintenance costs and personnel for the maintenance and maintenance of the later period. Fifth, the area can be effectively reduced, usually around seventy percent. Sixth, the standardization and modularization of ultrafiltration membrane can effectively reduce the cycle of tap water so that it can achieve capacity synchronization with water demand. Seventh, the discharge of backwash water can be recycled, and can also be used for domestic water. It is also a strategy for national sustainable development. Therefore, the ultrafiltration membrane technology and the traditional water treatment technology, the ultrafiltration membrane technology can better ensure the safety of water quality, and obtain better economic and social benefits are the best process choice for water treatment at the water works at the present stage.
3. Study on the treatment of tap water by ultrafiltration membrane technology
The increase of powdered activated carbon can effectively improve the effect of removing organic matter in water. Using the combination of ultrafiltration membrane and powdered activated carbon, the water can be treated reasonably, the effluent turbidity is guaranteed, the concentration of dissolved organic matter in the water is reduced and the activity of the water is greatly reduced, and the water is also sterilized when the water is disinfected. Reduce the production of four chlorinated carbon. The ultrafiltration membrane and the coagulation process can ensure that the pollutants can reach more fingers and the turbidity removal rate reaches over ninety-six percent.
In a word, the ultrafiltration membrane technology used in the waterworks plays a very important role in water treatment, but also has the advantages of small area, strong security, short construction period and so on, so that the ultrafiltration membrane technology has a wider development prospect in the water treatment industry.


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