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The wastewater of catering industry is one of the high concentration pollution sources at present. The main pollution components are colloid and high turbidity, which makes the water quality deteriorating and consumes the dissolved oxygen in the water, which leads to the increasingly serious environmental pollution. The ultrafiltration equipment uses the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, which can effectively filter the oil and vegetable oil in the catering sewage and intercept the oil floating on the surface of the water to prevent it from affecting the air and water interface for oxygen exchange.
At present, experts from various countries are working hard to research and successfully develop a kind of ultrafiltration water purification equipment that can meet the requirements of water treatment in catering industry. The equipment is equipped with the independent research and development of the permanent hydrophilic membrane, high flux, anti fouling, good quality and other advanced manufacturing technology, the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane has become a few high-end products for the catering industry. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane has the following advantages in ultrafiltration water purification equipment.
1, simple operation, easy to manage, and its processing effect is 50% higher than other technologies.
2, the treated food and beverage can achieve discharge standards, and it can be recycled for greening water.
3, the equipment performance is superior, using the most advanced technology of ultrafiltration membrane, a large amount of water.
4. Ultrafiltration water purification equipment is easy to clean and replace. It can be adjusted at any time according to the actual situation of the catering industry.
In short, as people pay more attention to the safety and environmental protection of drinking water, hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane technology will be widely applied in water treatment industry.


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