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The treatment of slaughter waste water


The characteristics of the waste water are as follows:


The main components are blood, oil, feces, visceral debris and inorganic salts.

(1) High COD, generally above 2000mg/L;

(2) High SS

(3) High NH3-N, animal manure, animal protein contains a large amount of ammonia nitrogen;

(4) High oil concentration.


Slaughter waste water treatment technology


In the slaughter waste water treatment process, aerobic treatment, anaerobic treatment and chemical flocculation treatment have their own advantages and disadvantages. Generally, when processing lower concentration (CODcr≤1000mg/L) of slaughter waste water, biological treatment can be directly used. Under the condition of ensuring the treatment effect, the processing flow is shortened and the capital construction cost is saved;


When dealing with higher concentrations (CODcr > 1000 mg / L) of slaughter waste water, the combined use of several processes ensures that waste water treatment could up to standard. For example, the hydrolyzed aerobic biological treatment process engineering investment is only 70% comparison the same-scale activated sludge process, the land occupation is reduced by 20%, and the treatment cost is reduced by 42%. The optimized combination of treatment processes is conducive to various processes to avoid weaknesses and ensure the quality of the effluent.


Solution Method

Normal process

process object


Biology treatment

aerobic treatment



short time, small area

Bio-membrane process

It has good effect in denitrification and good ability in anti-impact load, affording high biological concentration, with easy operation and management.

Anaerobic treatment

Anaerobic sequence batch activated sludge system, high efficiency anaerobic reactor

high organic loading


Simple structure, energy saving, good organic removal effect . But slow reaction, need long time and high temperature requirements.

Chemical treatment



Pre-treatment. The operation is not easy.

coagulating sedimentation

Remove some dissolved pollutants

Processing with short time

Physical method

air flotation

Remove minute suspensions

Difficulty in operation and maintenance

Natural ecological treatment


Stable land treatment


Economic. Need pre-treatment, run with odor


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