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Misunderstanding of the MBR process-series 2


Misunderstanding 3: The MBR process don’t need to disposal the sludge.


Positive solution:Due to the excellent retention effect of MBR, the activated sludge in the MBR process can reach a higher concentration, achieving the separation of HRT and SRT, without considering the influence of sludge concentration on the effluent. However, this advantage only enhances the space for biochemistry. It does not affect the product water. But it couldn’t support. The problem of that should be returned to the activated sludge. If the sludge is not disposal, the activated sludge will have many problems, which will affect the biochemical performance and affect the aeration. The MBR process in the project can indeed reduce sludge discharge, but it not means non-discharge.


Misunderstanding 4: In order to prevent the membrane pollution, reducing the sludge concentration as much as possible.


Positive solution: Plugging is a common problem in MBR applications,  especially when the sludge concentration is too high. So, there is a misunderstanding that reduces the sludge concentration to avoid the pollution. In fact, the low concentrations and high concentrations of sludge can all cause the membrane pollution quickly. The correct way is to keep the concentration within a suitable range. In addition, the effect of aeration on the surface of the scouring membrane should also be maintained at the corresponding holding amount.


Misunderstanding 5: The membrane is responsible for the product water quality.


Positive solution: The principle of the membrane is the filtration. It is a physical process. SS is the mainly pollutants in removing. Its significance for MBR is to improve biochemical performance, but it couldn’t filter soluble organic matter. So it isn’t responsible for COD and other indicators. The removal of organic matter still depends on the design and operation management of the entire process chain.


Misunderstanding 6: MBR is only suitable for domestic sewage


Positive solution: The MBR process is a combination of activated sludge process and membrane, and is born out of the combination of the traditional activated sludge process and the secondary sedimentation tank. In this sense, the scenario using the activated sludge process is applicable to the MBR process; For some sewage that is easy to pollute, the pre-treatment should meet the requirements.

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