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Misunderstanding of the MBR process-1


In recent years, the MBR process has been widely used, such as the water reuse, the dispersion treatment and the sewage emission updated. The MBR process have many advances, as high load, long SRT, and high efficiency interception.


However, there are some misunderstandings in the application process.


Misunderstanding 1: The higher of the MBR membrane flux design,will be better.


Positive solution: The flux of the membrane is determined by the membrane material and structure. There is an max.limit to the porosity rate and flux of a unit. Filtration is essentially a physical process. The membrane material must sacrifice the flux while reducing the pore size, at the same time, need to balance the strength and ensuring long-term operation. So, those reason leads to a constant flux. Therefore, in the design and application process, the design should be based on the recommended parameters from manufacturer.


Misunderstanding 2: If we use the MBR, the water quality must be guaranteed.


Positive solution:Essentially, the MBR process is a combination of activated sludge process and membrane filtration, replacing the secondary settling tank with membrane filtration on the basis of the traditional activated sludge process.


The MBR process brings advantages, such as high sludge concentration. But this doesn’t mean that the MBR process can deal with all problem. For the removal of pollutants, membrane filtration has a very obvious effect on SS. But the removal of organic matter still depends on the biodegradability of activated sludge and organic matter. For the biodegradable sewage or the previous treatment, which not so good or not meet the standard , MBR has the limited effect.

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