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Influencing factors of membrane fouling---②mixed liquor in reactor


Mixed liquor properties

The properties of the mixture in the bio reactor include MLSS, SS, SMP, ECP.

(1) MLSS

The membrane flux decreases linearly with the increase of the sludge concentration. When the activated sludge concentration is too high, the membrane fouling rate is sharp.

(2) SS

The deposition of larger particles on the membrane surface does not affect the filtration characteristics. Only particles with a size similar to the membrane pore size will cause more serious membrane fouling.

(3) SMP

In the integrated MBR, although the flow velocity of the membrane surface is small, the shearing effect of the membrane is not harmful to the sludge flocs, the dissolved substances may be affected by the operating conditions. A higher concentration is achieved. The concentration of dissolved substances in the MBR increases as the sludge load increases, resulting in an increase in membrane filtration resistance caused by the gel layer.

(4) ECP

ECP mainly affects the filtration performance by affecting the viscosity of the mixture. And the ECP is trapped on the surface of the membrane, thereby causing an increase in the viscosity of the mixture and an increase the filtration resistance.

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