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Shanghai Morui company 2019 annual conference


On January 10, the annual meeting of Shanghai Morui company was held solemnly. At the meeting, Lu hua, the general manager of Shanghai Morui Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd,Li haimin, representative of sales A department, representative of sales B department Chai qiaoqin, representative of management department, Wang li, representative of production department, did wonderful year-end summary and goals for the year. Finally, Shanghai Morui company draw a successful conclusion in the warm atmosphere of the annual banquet.

At the beginning of the meeting, Lu hua, general manager of Shanghai Morui Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd, first summarized the work of the whole year in 2018, and briefly described the direction of 19 years'work. Give everyone with high expectations, and wish Morui company better and stronger in 2019.

Li haimin, representative of sales A department, summarized the customer situation and the trend of hot-selling products of the Ministry of Foreign Trade in the past year. Starting from the current situation of the industry, she said how the Ministry of Foreign Trade develops new customer relations, how to expand brand awareness, how to do a good job in sales, and how to improve the quality of sales personnel. She told us that as a marketer, we should have pattern, patience and action. Finally, we have set a sales target for 2019.  Everyone in the Ministry of Foreign Trade will advance together and "fight side by side".

Chai qiaoqin, representative of sales B department,  first expressed her privilege to the family of Morui. With eight years of foreign trade sales experience, she will learn product technical knowledge as soon as possible, strive hard, and make contributions to Morui with her own advantages.

Hu Mingxia, the representative of Shanghai Morui Administration Department, summarized the work of the administrative departments for 2018. The administrative departments always carry out their work with a rigorous attitude of "not dealing with people". Provide maximum support to production and sales departments. Finally, she explained the latest financial policy which is closely related to everyone. 

Finally, the representative of the production department, Wang Li, summarized the production situation of different models in 2018 in the form of data. In 2019, the production department will continue to fully support and cooperate with domestic and foreign sales to produce the best quality products.

After the formal meeting, Morui 2019 banquet began in a warm atmosphere. Our team is full of vigor and passion, small partners usually hidden, but the key moment can always be amazing! Thanks our team for bringing such a wonderful performance after their busy work. Tonight's special performance of the annual meeting is the warm-blooded dance "Burning My Calories" brought by the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Morui. Their wonderful performance pushes the atmosphere of the party to a climax!

The exciting singing and dancing were interspersed with exciting lottery draws, which pushed the atmosphere of the party to a climax one after another.

Happy times are always so short.
The moment of reunion was particularly touching.
Shanghai Morui Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd  successfully concluded in a happy dinner in 2019.
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