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Water reuse treatment processes in Guangzhou



Treatment flow: 200T/h

Original Water: Waste water from Electroplate Factory

Main uses of UF: liquid concentration, separation, clarification and filtration. 

Working time: 2014

Membrane module: MR1060


MR/MORUI hollow fiber UFmembrane advantages

1-With ingenious and compact design, it takes up a small area and has a high automatic performance
2-Clean and clear filtration water without the problems of oil smell and getting turbid
3-Adopting automatic control system, including automatic back-washing, needing no one on duty, saving labor cost, solving the problem effectively of the traditional equipments' complicated operation and invalidation due to the operating or protecting improperly
4-Stable performance, long life time, low running cost
5-Environment friendly, no second pollution
6-More than 90% water reuse rate, no natural wastage


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